Activities offered at Kuminda

Most activities are outsourced and are dependent on a number of factors, including transport costs, so please always confirm prices prior to booking.

Hossana / Rain Dancers

A truly spiritual experience, every year these dancers ask for rain from the ancestors.

The performance includes participation from the on-lookers, the dancers also teach the moves to the group watching. A once in a lifetime experience.

The Jo’hoansi Healing Trance Dance

This healing trance dance is performed in the evening around a fire, its mesmerizing and a truly unique and a once in a lifetime experience to see these centuries old traditions performed.

Dance is a magical and sacred activity for the San and being allowed to share in this is a fantastic privilege.

Star Gazing/full moon evenings

If you have an expert to explain constellations please bring him/her along, otherwise just relax next to the fire and gaze up at the magnificence above.

Far from cities and light, this is the starry sky as you’ve never experienced it before. (guests will have to book accommodation and meals – dinner and breakfast)


Some of the activities include cooking and traditional mud building lessons, traditional games and nature walks. Please request for prices.