Activities offered at Kuminda

Please note all prices are subject to change without prior notice, as most activities are outsourced and are dependent on a number of factors, including transport costs, so please always confirm prices prior to booking.

Rain Dancers

BWP 6500 per performance. A truly spiritual experience, every year these dancers ask for rain from the ancestors, just like the San. The performance includes participation from the on-lookers, the dancers also teach the moves to the group watching. A once in a lifetime experience.

Dance Groups

BWP 3500 per performance. Local dancers that share their craft with your group, audience participation is encouraged, great fun for all.

San Groups

BWP 15 000 per performance, this includes their travel costs, as they come from far away. A truly unique and once in a lifetime experience to see these centuries old traditions performed. Dance is a magical and sacred activity for the San and being allowed to share in this is a fantastic privilege.

Guitarist by the fire

BWP 5500 per performance. Local musician playing traditional music for a few hours around the campfire. A perfect evening’s entertainment.

Cultural Interaction

BWP 3500 per session for groups of up to 20. An informative talk about a cultural subject of your choice, lasting approximately 1 hour, about life in Botswana, with a question and answer session afterwards.


  • The BakaLanga History and Culture
  • Growing up the traditional way
  • Gender Based Viloence issues
  • The Girl Child
  • HIV and stigma in Botswana

Cooking Lessons

BWP 150 per person.  We will teach you to make local dishes and you will consume your masterpiece afterwards, so it’s both a meal and a learning experience.

Mud Building

BWP 100 per person. Learn the traditional method of building with mud.

Traditional Games

Perfect for team building exercises. Free of charge, though should you like some experts from the village to attend to your group and assist with games, this could be arranged at P50 per person. This does take the games to a whole different level of excitement and also adds an educational dimension as these gents know all there is to know about the history and importance of these games.

Educational Nature Walk

BWP 100 per person. Walk with a guide who will point out and educate you on the local fauna and flora with particular reference to traditional uses of various plants and trees.

Village Walks

BWP 150 per person. Walk with a guide who will educate you on local customs and way of life.

Deep Tissue Massage

We have a trained massage therapist who excels at her craft and the peaceful surroundings make this a totally rejuvenating experience.  This is subject to availability and only 2 people bookings available per day:

  • Back and legs – P500.00
  • Head and shoulders P450.00
  • Feet and hands P250.00

Star Gazing/full moon evenings

If you have an expert to explain constellations please bring him/her along, otherwise just relax next to the fire and gaze up at the magnificence above. Far from cities and light, this is the starry sky as you’ve never experienced it before.

Brigade School group performances

BWP 1500 per performance. This is especially ideal for school groups and a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with your peers from a different background and culture. Performances offered:

  • Drama groups
  • Traditional Dancing
  • Afropop / Hiphop